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To tell the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.

To take care of the physical needs of people who are in need.

These two together, represent the Christian Evangelism mission of ALFA Ministries.

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Mankind was created to have fullness of life though God and with God. Life is otherwise incomplete.

The world has grown increasingly separated from our creator to the spiritual and physical detriment of the world.

ALFA ministries believes the world must come again to God.

The only pathway is by accepting God’s son, Jesus Christ, who came to atone for man’s sin.

Our Ministry wishes to explain this to all of the mankind and to further God’s kingdom.
While we are desirous of seeing people saved thought believing and trusting in Jesus Christ, we realize that mankind has very real physical needs.

Unless ALFA ministry attempts to heal the physical suffering of the God’s created; we are not being consistent with God’s directive in missions.

Biblical evangelism requires helping an individual enjoy the spiritual and physical fullness of being one with God.


ALFA is currently involved in the following ministries :
Children's Home
Discipleship Center
Tailoring Institute
Private School

Material and Methods

We seek to bring together Christians of all denominations who share these concerns.

We seek clarity of purpose that can only come from the Holy Sprit’s presence.

ALFA ministries will co-ordinate supporter’s time, talent and resources through
Prayer for world evangelism
Financial resources for evangelism and physical needs
Coordinate individual work skills and talents

Children's Home

Children constitute about 38% of the Indian population. Hundreds of thousands of them are at the receiving end of exploitation and abuse. Every third malnourished child in the world is Indian. 63 million children in the age group of 6 – 14 are out of school. ALFA seeks to meet the educational, emotional and physical needs of poor and orphan children. ALFA campus in Bangalore, India is home to 32 children most of whom have been orphaned, abandoned, or abused. ALFA children are provided a caring place to live, food to eat, and an education.

Currently we have 31 children in residence (22 boys and 9 girls).

82 children have been part of the children’s home over the years.

40 additional children have participated on a temporary basis.

More than 3500 children have participated in VBS sessions as of October 2011

5 have attended the discipleship center.

9 are attending college.

Private School

The private school has been operational for 3 years.

Currently we have 328 students. (28 kids from the childrens home attend the school)‏

114 new admissions for year 2008

288 paying students

14 teachers

5 non-teaching staff

13 classes – 3 nursery, 5 primary, 2 middle, 3 high school

2 school buses

Alfa ministries has undertaken the construction of a three story school building to accomodate the increased enrollment. Each floor covers about 9,692 square feet. Once the building is completed the school will have 29,076 square feet of usable space that will accomodate approximately 700 students including facilities for chemistry lab, computer lab, school office, and staff room.

Phase 1 - Foundation and 2 story columns completed at a cost of $102,000
Phase 2 - Complete 2 floors at a cost of $200,000 (In progress)
Phase 3 - Complete 3 floor at a cost of $112,000 (year 2010)
* Cost estimates based on $17.66 square foot construction costs in 2008
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Tailoring Institute

Women are in need of special attention in the Indian society. About 50% of all Indian women are illiterate.Women’s lack of schooling leaves them feeling helpless. ALFA seeks to help a small part of the millions of people.ALFA develops and implements both short term and long-term strategies that would empower and enable the women to become self-reliant.ALFA believes, what our women need is an opportunity not charity.ALFA also houses and cares for widows.

148 women have gone through the program.

8 students enrolled in the program currently.

Approximately 80 percent have jobs.

Others are part time small business owners.

Graduates make about 50 to 70 dollars a month.

Majority of them are Hindus.

Discipleship Center

Discipleship center is a two year non-degree granting institute.

Its mission is to educate students in a rigorous academic atmosphere so that they are equipped to serve with maximum effectiveness for the Lord.

The objective of the program is to gain mastery in three areas

Academic (study) – Deals with the profound knowledge of the bible and related subjects

Social (life) – Deals with the application of the Bible to daily experiences

Functional (service) – Deals with the wisdom of applying the Bible to the lives of others The two year program is divided into six terms. The courses are taught by qualified and committed faculty members

48 students have completed the program.

All of them are in active ministry except for one.

15 churches have been started.

3 have gone to seminary.

8 have completed the mandatory high school education required as part of the program and some have continued with secular higher education.

Encouraged and equipped over 1500 lay leaders and pastors though conferences.