Saturday, December 13, 2008

Discipleship Center

Discipleship center is a two year non-degree granting institute.

Its mission is to educate students in a rigorous academic atmosphere so that they are equipped to serve with maximum effectiveness for the Lord.

The objective of the program is to gain mastery in three areas

Academic (study) – Deals with the profound knowledge of the bible and related subjects

Social (life) – Deals with the application of the Bible to daily experiences

Functional (service) – Deals with the wisdom of applying the Bible to the lives of others The two year program is divided into six terms. The courses are taught by qualified and committed faculty members

48 students have completed the program.

All of them are in active ministry except for one.

15 churches have been started.

3 have gone to seminary.

8 have completed the mandatory high school education required as part of the program and some have continued with secular higher education.

Encouraged and equipped over 1500 lay leaders and pastors though conferences.

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